Pest Control Services

Roaches, ants, mice, rats, fire ants, spiders, earwigs, black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, and more controlled with an every other month residential service. Additional services at no extra charge.

Commercial services are custom-tailored to fit your business needs. From a basic monthly service to an extensive AIB weekly service with electronic reports available at a click of the mouse. GMP certified and able to provide the best professional service available.

Bedbugs – Definitely a pest on the rise worldwide. These pests are coming back due to the rise in travel over the past twenty years. Once it seemed that they were a pest no one ever really dealt with, now, I have some customers crying to me about the infestation they are dealing with at least three times a week. It breaks my heart every time. Nobody likes these guys. I do not offer a fly-by-night service of only treating the infested room. When I treat bedbugs, I treat the entire house. This is the only way to ensure complete elimination.

Moles – Now, THIS is a nuisance pest if there ever was one. Having experienced the difficulty of fighting these guys for several years, I have found that trying to rid a yard of these critters with a one-time treatment ineffective. Incorporating this service into a monthly pest plan has been successful though. Ongoing regular service allows regular inspection and treatment to control this extremely annoying pest.

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Termite Control

Using a combination of the Trelona always active termite baiting system by BASF and liquid termiticide treatments, termites do not stand a chance.

Don’t let termites destroy your home. Termite damage is estimated to be over $5 billion every year. Eastern subterranean termites are bad enough, but the Formosan termite has moved into the area. This termite has colonies that are ten times the size of the Eastern sub which means that they will do ten times the damage, ten times faster. Eastern subterranean termites as well as Formosan termites are controlled using bait and liquid treatment methods.

I am licensed to perform WDIR inspections as well. Often called clearance letters, the Wood Destroying Insect Report is critical for home owners to sell or refinance their homes.

Powder post beetles can cause considerable damage to homes as well. MPS can treat these pests as well.

Wood destroying fungi are another threat to homes in Louisiana. Moisture control and other methods can be utilized to eliminate this threat.

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Wildlife Control

I am NWCO licensed. From possums and squirrels to raccoons and skunks, we can handle them all. I will humanely trap nuisance wildlife and relocate to an area that is more suitable for the animal and where it will be less likely to become a nuisance again. My trapping services consist of a week of checking traps daily and relocating as required. Skunks and raccoons cannot be relocated per state regulations and must be euthanized.

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Mosquito Control

Let MPS create a mosquito control plan that will include pest control on a monthly basis. Unlike other companies that add another service, MPS mosquito service can be added, upon request with a monthly frequency instead of the normal every other month frequency of normal pest service plans. This is Louisiana, which means that you can just as easily run into mosquitoes in January as in June. Regular monthly treatments keep them at bay all year long.

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Rats are pests that most of us dread. At about six weeks old they become sexually mature. They produce six to ten young per litter and are sexually active again after about three weeks.  They can easily overrun an area if not controlled.

Rats serve as vectors for certain pathogens which may cause the spread of disease, such as Lassa fever, bubonic plague, leptospirosis, and more. The CDC does list almost a dozen different diseases that can be linked directly to rats. They can also be associated with dermatitis due to frequent infestations of blood-feeding mites which may occasionally bite and feed on humans.   

They can adapt to most environments which allows them to set up houses almost anywhere. They infest homes and businesses. They are extremely intelligent, very cautious, and can be difficult to control. Infestation can take place any time of the year. Rats have a range of 150-300 feet; this means that if the next-door neighbor has rats, you are likely to have them as well.


The German cockroach is the most well-known of the cockroaches. This is a cockroach that requires humans to survive. The entire life cycle of this pest is complete in approximately 100 days. They breed incessantly and under ideal conditions, the growth of the population has been shown to be exponential.  This is another pest that can easily overrun an area if not controlled.

German cockroaches contaminate food and food products with fecal and sputum secretions. They transport and harbor pathogenic organisms, may cause allergic reactions, and in heavy infestations have been known to crawl into ear canals of sleeping victims and become lodged requiring medical attention to remove. Roaches have been rumored to spread 33 types of bacteria, 6 parasitic worms, and more than 7 other human pathogens.

Visit if you are having issues with german cockroaches.


There are about 2500 different species of fleas. The most common to infect dogs and cats are cat flea. Adult fleas only live for 2-3 months, but under perfect conditions, fleas can live up to a year and a half. During that time, females can lay 5000 or more eggs. This allows them to increase numbers rapidly.  This is another pest that can easily overrun an area if not controlled.

Fleas are known to carry and transmit viral, rickettsial, and bacterial diseases of humans and other animals. They also can carry helminth and protozoan parasites. Some of these maladies are murine or endemic typhus, bubonic plague, Rickettsia typhi, Rickettsia felis, Bartonella henselae, the myxomatosis virus, and more.

Contact MPS if you are experiencing a flea problem. 318-307-2930

This is a brief summary of another pest that NEEDS to be controlled to prevent the spread of another devastating illness.

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